This is the Aperture Attic. It’s a bit like a regular attic; full of photographs but with none of the dusty boxes.

The attic is not exclusive, it is available to everyone; a community for amateurs and professionals alike. Up here, you’ll find discussions about all that is photography. It contains stories, write ups on days out, product reviews, first looks, tricks, tips and techniques. We are not going to be able to fill the attic by ourselves though; we need everyone to get involved, get out shooting, get sharing your photos or get writing about your latest purchase.


So who tidies the attic?

“I’ve been messing around with cameras for around 15 years, in the grand old age of film. I started out studying art in school, then took on photography as well in college for 2 years, doing A Levels in Art, Photography and Media. Over the years, I’ve done work for various publications including the Echo Newspaper, Immediate Media, Factory Media, Kelsey Publishing and various others. I decided not to take it on as a full career, but instead enjoy contributing when I can. I don’t really have a specialist field, but I mostly enjoy sports and more high paced photography, although have been enjoying a spate of astro-photography. I started the attic as a way of connecting with the community; a way to share what I enjoy doing with others and give people the opportunity, in an informal place, to write; to be journalists for the day, to hone their skills and bounce off of other like minded people.”